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Because she stood before the shrine, her palms moving in time leaves cicadas hummed in the trees around Xia. She whispered an incantation beneath her breath, maintaining a flow of this language as a set of robins served over her. Energy flowed throughout this area; it was tucked away for decades away from eyes that were Untouched. Xia could truly feel the magic as she chanted, acting as a boat between the energy and the charm around her moving . Before , a circle of runes seemed, bright with a blue light. The ring grew larger and larger until it was nearly twenty inches in diameter as she reached the end of the spell.

Around the ring, a net of exactly the identical light wracking; her arms stretched as far as they could move and pushed the network of light ahead, aiming for the mouth. Before her, the light floated in 1 motion. It began to glow brighter and gripped the surface as struck the stone edges. The runes that hasten the internal border of the entrance of the cave started to twist slowly, slowly picking up speed before the series of runes seemed to be one line of lighting. A second later, thin veins started to blossom around the area in the middle. The entrance exploded with light grew still, once the darkness was covered. The seal had been eliminated.

Xia tossed back her hood and ascended the stone steps ahead of the cave, moving into the darkness with attention. She whispered softly and lifted a hand; in her voice, a yellow light coated her hands, casting. She pushed onward, watching her steps as she proceeded farther into the cave. Tattered banners lined the stone walls, old forgotten with time. Xia stepped to among them and analyzed it had been of a shade that was darkened with golden thread. The mind of a stag with a massive set of antlers was stitched in the middle of the cloth, working as the sole symbol of the banner ads. This is definitely the temple of Cernunnos, Xia believed. I’m on the ideal path, then. She continued , trudging through the tunnel.