Best Idea To Celebrate Happy Holi 2019

    Holi is the holy festival of Hindus. Holi is not only a colour festival but also it is a festival of love.
    Happy Holi 2019 celebrated in India and the foreign country. Holi is victory of good over bad with Holika Dahan. Water and colours are two common elements, which most people use to celebrate Holi with their loved ones.

    happy holi 2019

    Manual Colors To Play Holi

    Celebrating Holi with manual colors is a really good way. You must be wondering how to make Manual colors. Don’t worry! It is not rocket science. All you have to do is use Chandan, henna, and turmeric. Use these common eco-friendly colors sources to form distinctive amalgamations, and in turn, form different colors. They are gentle and smoothly washable.

    Tilak Holi 

    Move over your wet-o-wild Holi and embrace a dry-and-delightful festival by opting for the Tilak Holi. It is the most simple and convenient way to celebrate the festival by just applying tilak on the forehead. This will save the tons of water used for celebration and later for cleaning and will also keep the environment clean.

    Holi Party With Music 

    Instead of celebrating Holi with colors and water, focus on delicious food. Organize a food party and have a Holi special food on your menu, from Puran poli and gujiyas. Since bhang is an important part of the celebration try ‘bhang’ infused delicacies. Keep the Holi playlist handy and shake a leg. If this is not enough, try theme-based parties with music.

    Burn eco-friendly waste for Holika Dahan

    Avoid wooden objects to avoid deforestation. Instead, use waste boxes, coconut waste, and cow dung for Holika Dahan, so that you commence your Holi celebration in an eco-friendly way.

    Play Holi with flowers

    There are many cities in India, where people play Holi with flower petals, such as Pushkar and Lucknow. They joyfully groove to their favorite Holi songs, for example, Rang Barse from Silsila. So, if you realize the importance of eco-friendly Holi, opt for Phoolon ki Holi and make sure you and everyone around you dump flowers in dustbins. One of the most commonly used flowers in Holi is Tesu. Interestingly, there are numerous health benefits of Tesu flowers.

    Opt for dry Holi

    If you understand the significance of our environment, and if you wish to celebrate the Holi festival in an eco-friendly way, then you should opt for dry Holi. Avoid water balloons, pichkaris, paints, and bags, since these lead to water waste, serious injuries, and skin issues.

    Dress Code White

    Just the way Bollywood celebs slays in all the Holi parties, whether in movies or real life, newly-weds can also put the dress code as white for their Holi party.
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