Swallow Son’s Pal from Glory Hole

I helped my son load his last luggage into the car. He went to college. I turned to his best friend, Brian. “Well, the house is now pretty quiet, and the two aren’t awake in the middle of the night, so I think they’re making all sorts of rackets.”

Brian smiled, “If you feel better, you can come in at odd hours of the night and make a lot of noise.” I laughed. “And I’m missing out on the fridge full of food. Brian, not your life, you have to eat that crappy college canteen food. I support two college students I have not.”

Brian and my son have been friends as far as I can remember. They just seemed to beat it. Brian stayed quite a bit in our house, and he didn’t have a great family life, his parents were shipwrecks. Brian lives with us because I am divorced and single. It’s like having two sons.

Both boys stayed locally to study the basics at college, but now it’s time to major. My son was going to college, but Brian decided to finish the last two years here for grades and financial reasons.

I hugged my son and said I love him before entering the house, so the boys were able to say goodbye to each other. When the boys hugged each other and looked through the kitchen window, they seemed to stay a little longer than usual, but they were very close friends and I thought this was not uncommon.

I saw my son’s car pulled out of the driveway and then back on the driveway. When I opened the front door, Brian got into his car, shook goodbye, and Brian shouted, “I’ll come to Sawyer later in the week.” “Let’s meet again,” nodded.

If my child couldn’t stay here, Brian’s occasional visit would be the next best thing. As he said, Brian came for a steak-making visit later that week, and we sat down talking and drinking beer.

After drinking a few glasses of beer, I saw Brian go to the bathroom. I shook my head in a dirty way, but I had to stare at Brian’s ass. I think it was beer … but it may not be.

Let me tell you that Brian has a beautiful butt and that the well-worn Levi’s looks good. When Brian returned from the bathroom, I glanced down at the floor. I was a little embarrassed about these thoughts, so I didn’t try to check his luggage for fear of getting caught.

Brian smiled, “Mr Sawyer, I need to go home. I took classes in the morning.” Without looking at him, I nodded my head and cleaned up. Brian has always respected me, calling me Mr Sawyer, even when I don’t need it.

Brian came around the table. “Good night. If you like, I’ll come again.” He grabbed me and hugged me, just as he clasped my son on the driveway when he left. The hug lasted a little longer, and I felt my cock start to stir.

Brian grabbed me tightly and could feel the two denim-covered groins rubbing against each other. Brian didn’t always hug me so close, but I thought it was a combination of missing my son and beer, so I chalked it that way. When he hugged me, he turned my head towards my neck instead of snorting me a little. It was more than I could handle.

I grabbed his shoulder and pulled my arm away from him. “OK, Brian, that sounds good. I have to clean it, or I’ll wake up all night.” My T-shirt was out, or he would see the tent I was throwing. Thank God, the holy shit my dick was having sex hard! I blocked Brian’s thoughts and tried to calm the penis.

I have always defined myself as straight. I just broke up with my ex-girlfriend a few months ago. I haven’t taken any action since then, but I’ve found other ways to relieve myself. I became entirely original and started going to a local bookstore.

I discovered the benefits of the Glory hole; I was able to go and suck my dick anonymously by someone who wasn’t interested in the relationship. Cock football was interested in sucking my penis, and I got my luggage that I was delighted with letting them do so.

Don’t get me wrong when Hot Chic wants to jump to this dick I don’t refuse her, I regularly go out looking for cats and succeed in my quest. But I found one that the real person gives a better head. Chic people whine and complain. The man silently deep throats the bitch’s son so that he can drink your luggage.

I recently had sex with a few guys for the first time through a hole of unique glory, they were tighter than cats, and they knew how to ride my rod. I was surprised when the man first raised my cock in his ass, but who said no to him?

I was cleaning up and couldn’t get Brian out of my head, so I decided to check out a friendly website listing the best bookstores for cruising for sex. This excited me, so I decided to head to one of the bookstores to see if anything had happened.

The parking lot was full, so I thought it would be a full house. Once inside, I paid the entrance fee and headed back, confirming that there was a glory hole, and chose the booth. At this point, I had one thing in my mind, and it was to suck my dick.

I put a few dollars in the machine, and a hot vice three-way flick was playing. My penis started to harden quickly and wasn’t wasted every time I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my penis. I started stroking it 8 inches long and watched the glory hole to see if anyone was in the next booth.

Finally, you can hear the door open, close, and lock. Instead of trying to make the gun jump, I waited for a sign that someone else was interested. The man rubbed his finger into the hole and pulled it back. I pushed down my jeans, and he approached my ball and pushed my penis into the hole. I was so worried about sucking my dick that I almost jumped into the hole.

I felt his wet tongue licking his head first and then the underside of my shaft. Making fun of my cock, he just licked the tip of “sucking that motherfucker guy” and got back to his head. He went back and started licking my ball, and he stayed there for a while before going back to the shaft and working his way.

He moved his hand to my length and stopped when he got to his head. Then I felt his mouth covering the tip when he pushed his hand under my shaft, and his mouth continued after dropping my cock from his throat I did. I sighed as I felt his lips hit my ball, and he occupies my entire length.

He started a good pace of mixing deep throats with some hand actions. He had me leaked like anyone’s job, “The damn you’re trying to explode me.” He stopped perceiving this, and I thought he just wanted to taste me sucking. Finally, he retreated entirely with a slight stroke. I said aloud.

This is not something he keeps in mind; it wasn’t long before I understood why he retreated. I felt nervous about my dick before that recognizable tight ass sensation, and he slowly rubbed my shaft until I felt his ass rubbing my pubic hair Moved him down. He was always moaning my big rooster on his ass.

He slowly pulled my cock apart, and his ass was so tight that he felt like he was milking my cock. In the end, he stopped and moaned and sank his ass into my penis. It was very nice to say “oh” to feel his tight ass tightening my penis.

He sometimes started to make fun of me by going up half the shaft, intermittently sinking his butt completely, and taking only half the stick before backing off. Eventually, I did it for me when I started pulling my cock entirely apart, and I didn’t know when he was going to retake my dick, this made me crazy I did!

I couldn’t stand it anymore, “Hey, get on the fucking cock!” He completely retreated. I thought it was over. I knelt down and still saw a shadow in the booth, “Hey, why don’t you come here?” If he was in the booth with me, I thought I was likely to give him an awesome shit. “

He leaned into “OK”, opened the door and left the booth. I reached out and unlocked the door, just as he opened the door. As with most bookstores, I couldn’t see his face when he entered. The man wore a hat in the privileged mode of a typical bookstore.

When he looked up and met our face, I was utterly shocked and stood there with a hard penis sticking out. It was my son’s friend Brian, who was just as shocked as I was. Both of them froze for a moment. “Brian, how long are you in the next booth?”

There was a pure white face on his face, and his mouth was open. I answered my question, “Long enough to lift my dick from my throat to my ass.” My penis was still hard and wet from Brian’s convenient work. Brian didn’t pop out as I expected. He just looked down at my big stiff rooster and then returned to me with a demonic look in his eyes.

Reaching out, he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down, leaning against his chair and laughing, “I don’t know why you shouldn’t finish what you started.” I looked at him with his eyes rounded. “Are you fucking nuts! Your son’s best friend, you’re like a son to me.”

Brian is back with his ass spread out. “You didn’t know it before, while you thrust your cock into my throat, or while I was riding your rod.” He was right, and I’m nice to him, I must admit that I had a tight ass. Brian reached out and started rubbing my penis and then brought me closer to him, and he started rubbing my cock across his ass before resting it in his hole.

I knew what was going on I was going to fuck this kid who was denying it. With a little hesitation, I stepped forward and pushed the dick head into his ass. I slowly sank my cock in his ass, and I wasn’t going to stop until I felt my pubic hair rubbing his ass.–

I pierced him deeply and started pulling out almost entirely and increasing the pace before pushing my dick back into his ass. He moaned and moaned, but eventually, I muttered to him, “Please,” “Oh, God.” All the while, he was trying to support himself for the bastard I was giving him.

I started to feel the ball tingling and thought it wouldn’t be long anymore, so I leaned near his ear. “I’m going to first bang in your ass, and I’m going to fuck your hard in doing so.” All I could do was give a warning to the kid. I started beating these kids ass, and I was beating him because I thought he was going to cry when he was protesting so hard.

It was unforgiving to pierce Brian’s ass deeply, and finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore. “Mr Sawyer, don’t have sex so deeply!” This was because I grabbed the fucking kids’ shoulders and thrust my penis so deep in his ass that he hit the side of the booth wall. Is.

I haven’t cummed so hard for a long time, and I shouted, “The son of a fucking bitch man!” I pulled it out on the way and then pushed the cock into his ass and against the wall. When I made him back, he put out “Oh God.” I stood there for a minute before pulling the cock out of Brian’s ass, but I was still throbbing with semen dripping from the end.

Brian could go straight back and say “Good God” and say he came back rubbing his ass soaked in my semen. “God, Brian, I couldn’t stop fucking you.” He turned a little “OK.” I couldn’t believe I had just had sex with my son’s best friend. “I think I need to leave Brian.”

I pulled up my jeans, opened the door and went out. Another man was at the door trying to get in for me, but Brian pushed him away. “Hey, do you want a little more dick?” The man whispered to Brian, “I can’t stand it anymore.” Brian whispered while rubbing his ass. Brian left the building without saying a word. This was the last time I met Brian until my son returned home during the summer vacation.

Imagine the surprise of opening the front door a few weeks later and seeing Brian standing there. “Hmm, Sawyer.” I opened the door and asked, “He’s upstairs and talking about his son … Brian, I want to talk to you.” Brian cut me off. “I don’t think it’s a good time for Mr Sawyer to join the army and ship next week. I’m out of here because I want to say goodbye,” I shrugged and said “OK.”

My son and Brian came down the stairs and said they would go to the bar for a farewell drink without waiting. Nodding the night, I went to bed, after a while I thought the boy had returned from drinking and made a noise. Looking at the clock, it was 3:00 am. I went to see if it was OK to get up.

My son’s door was closed, but I heard him and Brian whispering. They were talking, but not knowing what they were saying, so they approached their son’s door. Then I listened to my sons say, “Oh, that’s right.” I heard movement in his room. Then Brian asked, “Oh, I’m not such a deep man.” I left the door. It seems that Brian has received the delivery he was looking for.