I’ll Tell You The Truth About Gambling

The third goal was to determine if there were any differences in gambling expenditure by gender, age, or gambling intensity (“gambling intensity” was defined as the total amount that was wagered in a 3-month time period (further information is provided in the “Method” section). There were no significant differences in the amount gambled by players who had set a deposit limit instead of those who didn’t. Of the 49,560 players, 649 players (1.31 percent) chose to set a personal financial limit for the first time between January to March 2017. Of the 4,956 players in Group 1, nine players (0.2 percent) set a financial limit between January and March 2017. Of the 4,956 members of Group 10, there were 144 players (2.9 percent) who decided to set a voluntary financial limit between January to March 2017.

The median amount wagered in Group 1 was EUR8.20 for players who didn’t choose a limit (range EUR0-EUR16) and EUR6.30 for those who chose a limit (range EUR0-EUR15). The median bet in Group 10 was EUR21,963 among the players who did not choose a limit (range: EUR8,531-EUR585,943) and EUR22,179 among the players who did (range: EUR8,656-EUR283,005). The average bet in Group 3 was increased 1.1-fold from EUR59 to EUR66 for those who did not select the deposit limit. Z-tests and Mann-Whitney casino games U tests were used to evaluate the differences between groups (reported in the two columns of Table 1 for each of the ten groups) because the amounts wagered were not distributed normally. The game resulted from switching cards to the dealer and player, sharing two cards on the table. Table 2 provides gender and age for each of the ten gambling intensity groups.

There was no significant difference in the gender and age of any of the groups. The validity of the ratio shown in Table 3 is dependent on the number of participants who chose limits within each group, as shown in Table 2. Of the 4,596 players, only nine players in Group 1 and 6 in Group 2 selected limits. Table 3 also shows that the average bet in Group 3 was increased 2.4-fold from EUR66 to EUR159 for those who selected the deposit limit. If we assume a house advantage of 5 percent, 50 percent of players in Group 10 have lost less than EUR1,000 in three months. In addition, there’s an all-commission bonus of 0.25 percent to 1 percent for poker players as well as sportsbook and casino players.